"Hands (Mano y Mano)"

This is a song performed by the trio Ruby & The Emeralds and composed by Tim McHargue. The song "Hands (Mano y Mano)" was written to increase awareness of the dire necessity of raising funds for education--kindergarten through college. It is also an artistic statement meant to raise consciousness through the creative arts--which have been decimated by budget cuts in the past few years.


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"Casa de Cambio"

Casa de Cambio means “house of change,” and signs saying this are found frequently in Mexico and elsewhere. We use this phrase as a metaphor for becoming fluid and flexible. The tune is meant as a mantra of a sorts, a meditation for finding peace and harmony in a simpler lifestyle.


"Into The Real"

This video of the title track of the Ruby & The Emeralds' CD features Ruby singing Tim's lyrics about a "reverse migration"--heading south in a desperate attempt to cross the Border and recover one's soul. The journey down the sweltering Central Valley and through the "jackal and coyote" infested Southland increases the urgency of the primal rejuvenation and psychic nourishment found across the Border in Mexico:

          "I'm crossing the Border,

          Into the Real

          I come to my senses,

          I learn how to feel

          Hole in my soul I be

          Hopin' to heal

          When I cross the Border

          Into the Real..."